1.1 General FY Learning Outcomes

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The Freshman Year curriculum program, along with specific co-curricular activities lays a strong foundation acquired by students by the end of their first year at AUC for the following general learning outcomes. These student-learning outcomes will be subsequently reinforced and built upon within the disciplines throughout each students’ educational career at AUC. By the end of the FY, students will have the ability to:

Think Critically
Analyze, Synthesize, Evaluate, Create
Read Critically
Comprehend, Respond, Evaluate, Connect
Express Themselves in Writing
Analysis, Argument, Research, Citation
Express Themselves Orally
Class Discussions, Presentations
Utilize Information Literacy Skills
Research, Source Evaluation, Acknowledgement of Sources
Work Effectively in Teams
Respect, Negotiation, Division of Labor

Articulating these learning outcomes and their distinctive incorporation in all FY courses will help to raise faculty and student awareness of the need for these skills beyond university, as a part of lifelong learning habits extending farther than the undergraduate years.

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