2.1 Freshman Year Course Requirement Overview

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The Freshman Year Program aims to offer students a coherent, integrated introduction to one of the defining features of AUC: liberal arts education. In addition, the Program equips students with communication skills in English and enables them to transfer these skills to content courses so that they are prepared to cope with assignments in their majors, and enhances critical thinking skills and their application in a variety of disciplines. Finally, FY courses aim to help students think with clarity and insight about themselves, their goals and the decisions they face, and to foster their civic responsibility, personal and academic integrity, and appreciation of diversity.

For students entering AUC in the 2013-14 academic year, the Freshman Year Program consists of the following requirements: In their first semester, students begin as members of a “learning community:” small groups of students taking two closely linked classes together, a Rhetoric class (RHET 10XX) and a multidisciplinary seminar (CORE 10XX), that work in tandem to develop and enhance the reading, writing, critical thinking and general academic skills needed for success throughout study at AUC. The Program also includes six other required courses to be taken over the first three semesters: a second RHET course in research skills and writing, Scientific Thinking, Philosophical Thinking, Information Literacy, and two Pathways “Scientific Encounters” or “Culture and Society” courses.

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