3.2 Second Semester: Connecting to the World

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Second Semester: Connecting to the World

Key areas of focus: Build skills, competencies, and liberal arts exposure with an emphasis on individual growth and exploring ideas within a sophisticated learning environment. Creativity and independence are combined with responsibility; there is emphasis on more academic rigor, with awareness of current issues and a cultural and global identity. At present, this will be achieved through the “Culture and Society” course, augmented in future by SEMR 1120 classes, such as The Desert, Water in the Future, or Modern Egypt: Can the People Rule? In these courses students will be exposed to different majors by exploring different perspectives on a single, topical issue or enduring theme.

Key questions: Where am I in my career/major exploration, in historical time, geographically in the world? How do we take what is and imagine another possibility? What kinds of relationships exist between what is and what could be or between two variables?

Learning and thinking skills emphasis: Creativity, building on the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation foundation

Key activities:

  • Present at Freshman Poster session in Annual EURECA Conference

Required credit hours (15 credits total):

  • 6 - 9 credits Freshman Core courses
    • 3 credits RHET 1120 (currently RHET 201): Research Skills Course with Information Literacy learning outcomes incorporated.
    • 3 credits “Scientific Encounters” or ”Culture and Society” Course (Discipline-based course, with lab, taught by full-time faculty of SSE for “Scientific Encounters” (STEM) or “Culture and Society,” taught by HUSS/ECON faculty)
    • 3 credits Scientific Thinking (SCI 120) -- Either first or second semester

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