4.1 Course Development and Re-design

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These courses are to be developed with the ultimate goal of creating or re-designing courses that incorporate FY learning outcomes, provide engaging teaching and learning approaches and employ active learning strategies. Learning outcomes outlined in Section II (pg. 7) must be considered and appropriately incorporated into all courses developed or re-designed for the FY. Course titles should reflect the theme of the course and when applicable the inter-disciplinary nature of the course. Faculty from the different disciplines are encouraged to try innovative teaching methods, collaborate on course design and instruction and come together to build an engaging and exciting FY program across the disciplines with authentic teaching and learning experiences that help students think about relevant and complex problems.

An example of a successful FY course could be either a first-semester CORE or a second semester SEMR course that helps fill the following voids or gaps in the undergraduate curriculum (Adapted: correspondence from Joseph B. Cuseo, Ph.D.)

These seminars can:

  • infuse a student-centered course into an otherwise faculty-centered curriculum.
  • embed a transferable skills/strategies course into an otherwise content coverage-driven curriculum.
  • add an applied, cross-disciplinary course to an otherwise theory-laden, discipline-bound curriculum.
  • provide new students with a meaningful introduction and overview/preview/gateway to the college curriculum
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