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The purpose of envisioning and re-designing the FY and Core Curriculum courses was to address several concerns expressed by faculty. The main concern is that too many students entering their major study lack the communication skills(i.e., reading and writing skills) and critical thinking skills to meet the requirements deemed by faculty as essential to success in university work. Faculty have also complained that students entering major study do not know how to use and cite sources properly or have the ability to construct a logical argument based on proper use of evidence. In other words, too many students are being moved on to higher-levels of study without having acquired the necessary basic academic skills.

In order to address the problem of preparing students for university work in their major, the Freshman Year and Core Curriculum Task Force created a vision statement, a mission statement, a set of core values, and five strategic goals for the Freshman Year. These align with the AUC Mission, Vision, Values, and Learning Outcomes and provide students with a more effective and successful freshman year experience.

After some preliminary work had been done, the Task Force began to design a new framework, based on a two-semester year for the completion of most primary level courses. As a final step, learning outcomes in the crucial areas of critical and creative thinking skills, and five communication skills (oral, writing, critical reading, teamwork, and information literacy skills) were identified for use in designing new core courses.

The overarching metaphor encompassing the vision, mission, core values, learning outcomes, and the framework for students’ First Year is the concept of AUC as a “City for Learning” in the 21st century.

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