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Wordpress Lessons and Tutorials

Information contained in this wiki pertains to specific policies and practices related to the AUC RBSCL website.

Every user contributing or editing content on the AUC RBSCL website should browse and complete lessons at the following address in order to become familiar with the standard functions and features of Wordpress.

Wordpress Lessons (at the Wordpress Codex)

All Users

To login into the RBSCL website, go to the login page.

Type your username and password into the appropriate fields and you will be taken to the Wordpress dashboard.

Your login username and password should be configured by an administrator in RBSCL. If you need help with your password, contact Yasmine Abdallah at yabdallah@aucegypt.edu or Eman Morgan emorgan@aucegypt.edu.




Create / Edit Users

Create a new user

To create new users, mouse over "Users" in the left-hand navigation column in the dashboard and select "Add new".

  1. Enter a username along with the AUC email of the user and their first and last name.
  2. Press the "Generate Password" button (blue button) to generate a random password for the new user.
  3. Always remember to select the role for new users.
    1. Administrators have full access to the site and its settings. This role is exclusive to those with full rights to edit site information.
    2. Editors can change, edit, and approve the content for any user. This role is exclusive to content and language editors.
    3. Authors can post and edit their own content. This role should be used for trusted, autonomous authors ONLY.
    4. Contributors can post content to be reviewed by an editor. This should be the default role for new users.
    5. Subscribers can only view and not edit or post. This role should not be used for RBSCL.
  4. Double-check that all of the information has been entered correctly and then press the "Add new user" button at the bottom of the page to complete the addition of the new user.

Edit user information

To edit an individual user, mouse over "Users" in the left-hand navigation column in the dashboard and select "All users".

  1. Mouse over the user's name and click edit.
  2. All of the user's settings will appear and are available for editing. Always double-check settings if you make changes.
  3. Press "Update user" to save the changes.

Create / Edit Pages

Edit Menus

Workflow Configuration

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