4.4 Checklist for FY Course Development and Submission

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  1. Will a range of teaching and assessment methods and materials be used to respond to diverse learner preferences?
  2. Are proposed teaching / assessment methods and materials appropriate for FY students?
  3. Have active learning strategies been identified to address the development of identified critical thinking and communication skills?
  4. Are there at least 2 FY learning outcomes integrated into the FY course design?
  5. Is there alignment between learning outcomes and teaching / assessment methods?
  6. Are current facilities sufficient to support proposed teaching/learning activities?
  7. Has the credit value/core credit for this course been considered?
  8. Does the syllabus adhere to the guidelines for senate approved syllabus requirements?
  9. Is the course sustainable, i.e., can it easily be taught by other faculty in my department?
  10. Have I requested a consultation with the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) to refine and adapt my course syllabus?
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