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Faculty Resources

The Association of American Colleges and Universities VALUE:

  • Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education Rubrics: Teams of faculty and academic professionals created fifteen rubrics that authentically assesses student learning.

The American University in Cairo Office of Institutional Research Rubrics:

  • Provides information on how to develop rubrics, rubric generators, templates, evaluation scales, general education rubrics and rubrics by department.

AUC Office of Institutional Research Assessment Resources:

  • This website highlights assessment activities at AUC, including workshops, reports, surveys, resources, conferences and scholarship.

Active Learning in Large Classrooms:

  • This annotated bibliography and list of resources will provide faculty members with the knowledge needed to engage students in large lecture classes.

The American University in Cairo Center for Learning and Teaching Workshops:

  • The Center for Learning and Teaching offers faculty members the chance to participate in numerous workshops every semester that focus on increasing teaching effectiveness, awareness of teaching pedagogies and how to incorporate technology into the classroom.

The American University in Cairo Center for Learning and Teaching Assessment Resources:

  • The Center for Learning and Teaching offers a variety of services to help faculty members assess the effectiveness of their teaching and understand their students’ needs, including Mid-Semester Surveys and Small Group Instructional Diagnoses

The American University in Cairo Syllabus Checklist:

  • This website lists the AUC University Senate requirements for course syllabi and a template for an effective syllabus.

Understanding by Design Resources:

  • This resource will help faculty align course material and assessment activities that lead to greater student understanding and achievement.
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