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The Faculty Handbook collection includes electronic editions of the handbook of principals and procedures for faculty at the American University in Cairo. The handbook is published by the University Senate at AUC. Electronic editions of the Faculty Handbook are collected and described for inclusion in AUC's Digital Archive and Research Repository (DAR Repository). [1] Members of the University Senate may submit items to this collection. All files and metadata are reviewed by the University Records Manager.


The Faculty Handbook collection was created in January 2012. Collection and description of electronic editions of the Faculty Handbook is an ongoing project managed by the Records Management unit of the Rare Books and Special Collections Library. The collection is publicly accessible in the Digital Archive and Research Repository.


The following table instructs staff from the University Senate on how to enter descriptive information about issues of the Faculty Handbook. Some fields in the item submission template are not included in these instructions, and should be left blank.

Label Element Hint Scope Note Example Controlled Vocabulary Required
Title dc.title Enter the title. Capitalize the first word of the title, and enter in lowercase all other words expect proper nouns.
  • Transcribe the title directly from the item cover, including academic year provided.
Faculty Handbook 2012-2013
Contributor dc.contributor.office Indicate the administrative office or academic department responsible for the creation of the document.
  • Faculty Handbook is created by the University Senate.
  • Select this office from the drop-down menu.
University Senate
Abstract dc.description.abstract Enter the abstract copied or transcribed directly from this item.
  • Enter the abstract or similar information (introduction, overview, scope, etc.) as transcribed directly from the resource.
  • Transcribe the first paragraph of the preface.
The purpose of this Faculty Handbook is to provide clear and accessible information about the principles and procedures that govern faculty life at AUC, such as academic freedom, faculty appointments, criteria for promotions and leaves of absence, instructional, research and service responsibilities, and other important policies relevant to members of the teaching and research faculty. The Faculty Handbook has been developed in consultation with the appropriate committees, principally the Faculty Affairs Committee of the University Senate, and was approved by the University Senate and President.
Description dc.description Enter additional descriptive information about the document not included in the abstract.
  • This text is automatically entered.
Handbook of principles and procedures for faculty, developed by the Faculty Affairs Committee of the University Senate at the American University in Cairo.
Keyword dc.subject Enter keywords or tags that describe the topic of this item.
  • Keywords are already supplied by the Records Manager.
  • Keywords are verified or edited by the Records Manager to refer to Library of Congress Authorities. [2]
  • American University in Cairo--Faculty
  • American University in Cairo--Faculty--Employment
Date Created dc.date.created Enter the date on which work was completed.
  • Type the date that the handbook was completed.
  • Date of completion is indicated on the cover page, under the title.
Type dc.type Indicate the general content type your work. Select all that apply.
  • Faculty Handbook is a work of text.
  • Select this type from the drop-down menu.
Format dc.format.extent Enter the number of pages when applicable, in ### p. format. End p with a period.
  • Enter total number of pages in the handbook.
122 p.
Medium dc.format.medium Select the medium.
  • Faculty Handbook is a handbook.
  • Select this medium from the drop-down menu.
Language dc.language.iso Select all languages that apply.
  • Faculty Handbook is published in English
  • Select this language from the drop-down menu.
Rights dc.rights.license Copyright, American University in Cairo. All rights reserved.
  • This text is automatically entered.
Copyright, American University in Cairo. All rights reserved.
Copyright Date dc.date.copyrighted Enter the copyright date.
  • Date of copyright is the year of publication.
Publisher dc.publisher Enter the name of the publisher.
  • Faculty Handbook is published by the American University in Cairo.
American University in Cairo
Place of Publication rft.place Enter the place of publication.
  • Faculty Handbook is published in New Cairo.
New Cairo

Controlled Vocabularies

Administrative Office

Displayed Value Stored Value
University Senate American University in Cairo. University Senate


Displayed Value Stored Value
Text Text


Displayed Value Stored Value
Handbooks handbooks


Displayed Value Stored Value
English en

Collection Settings


<p>Copyright, American University in Cairo. All rights reserved.</p>


I hereby certify that this document is the property of the American University in Cairo.

The American University in Cairo retains all ownership rights to the copyright of this document.


  1. Digital Archive and Research Repository
  2. Library of Congress Authorities
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