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The AUCWiki is an open access tool used to promote the American University in Cairo's scholarly communications. As a supplement to the Digital Archive and Research Repository, better known as DAR, the wiki is a collaborative space for students, faculty, and staff to create resources, work on projects, and develop ideas. All articles are authored by members of the AUC community, and include items ranging from articles about January 25th Revolution to project documentation.

The AUCWiki is supported by University Academic Computing Technologies.


Browse categories to view additions from classes, departments, and administrative offices on a variety of topics.

A Guide to Designing Freshman Year Courses
This guide introduces a systematic process for designing Freshman Year (FY) and Core Curriculum courses. It is the product of the Task Force for the Freshman Year and Core Curriculum, appointed by the Provost in Fall 2011 to envision and re-design the freshman year for AUC students so the following become more efficient, integrated and effective academic mentoring, liberal arts exposure, English communication skills, and critical thinking.
Isqat al-Nizam
For the past decade, Egypt has been awaiting a change in its leadership: but the dynastic successions that took place in several other Arab countries in the 1999-2000 (Morocco, Jordan, and Syria) caused many both inside and outside Egypt to believe that a similar course of events here was practically a fait accompli. That logic was abruptly overturned by a spontaneous revolt by Tunisians, whose president fled on 14 January, followed by an eighteen-day uprising throughout Egypt (25 January-11 February) which ended with President Mubarak’s resignation. This category includes articles written by American University in Cairo HIST 412 students in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the class.
Rare Books and Special Collections Library
The Rare Books and Special Collections Library category of the AUCWiki includes documentation for various projects and initiatives undertaken by the RBSCL.

Getting started

In order to create and edit AUCWiki pages, you must log in using your AUC email account username and password. Visit Help for information about creating new pages, organizing pages in categories, using headings, lists, and tables to organize your page, creating links, and citing your work with references.

If you have any questions about the AUCWiki or would like to create a special project section like Isqat Al-Nizam, contact Carolyn Runyon, Digital Collections Archivist, Rare Books and Special Collections Library.

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