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There are several preschool/nurseries in Cairo. AUC faculty members recommend those listed below that teach in English.

CARING FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE AUC: AUC New Cairo. It is an NGO that caters in priority the employees of AUC. It is a preschool welcoming children from one year of age, who are capable of walking, up to four years of age. It is currently managed by Small Talk Maadi and is governed by a board of directors. You may contact them at, phone numbers 2615-3903/2949, mobile phone number 010-2789987. You can visit their website for more information

SMALL WORLD PRESCHOOL YEARS: Maadi, 8 Road 207, 2519-8796. The owner is Ms. Nahed Davis, mobile 012-4068983, email: American Montessori curriculum. They provide an Arabic program as well.

SMALL TALK NURSERY: Maadi, Villa 15 Road 209. Phone numbers 2521-2469, mobile number 010-1456186. Website: Jo Cassidy is the founder and head of the nursery.

The Pre-K of the CAIRO AMERICAN COLLEGE: Maadi. Phone number 2755-5555. They don’t accept babies and toddlers.

LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER, New Maadi, 9 Road 278. Phone number 2516-3965, mobile number 012-2332809. Website: They provide diagnostic services for children with learning difficulties and offer speech therapy, occupational therapy and advice on behaviour interventions.

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